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so I decided to catch up on things

- In the past couple months I've seen The Hobbit (loved everything, up to and including all the changes), Skyfall (loved it), Cloud Atlas (loved Sonmi and Cavendish), and Les Miserables (holy shit Hugh Jackman can act). That's more movies than I usually see in a year. Go me!

- I adore Elementary to teeny tiny bits. Even though I'm a couple episodes behind. I knew I would probably like Watson going in because I love Lucy Liu, but both characters are perfect and I really really love this take on Holmes. FLAILY HANDS.

- Uh. I don't love Sherlock as much. It's not bad and I see why it's really popular, but the tone or dynamic or something doesn't work as well for me. Although I do like Lestrade a whole lot.

- I am watching Arrow for the abs and the hot bodyguard and am completely okay with admitting this.

- Someone rec me TV shows plz. I have a couple days of vacation coming up.

blenderfic (epic procrastination edition)

In light of the fact that I will be spending most of the weekend avoiding work:

Give me two fandoms and I'll stick them in a blender.

disjointed Homestuck/Firefly segments a la Waterworld
Firefly/Avatar's mystery girl of Republic City

oh. my. god.

Can we just.

Talk for a second about Legend of Korra is the most perfect fantabulous thing ever?

And how I want to draw little hearts around EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT IT?



blenderfic (hunger games edition)

Oh, fuck it.

Give me a fandom and I will awkwardly sandwich it into the Hunger Games universe.

Harry Potter

replies may not happen for a couple days;
I'm most familiar with the first book;
fandom sandwiches not guaranteed to make sense

obligatory random fandom post

- I was sort of meh about the Hunger Games books, but the movie trailer looks shiny enough that I might find a way to re-read the first one. Or I might just do that thing where I ask for prompts and stick fandoms in a blender (read: turn random characters into tributes for earlier, less important, less Katniss-having Games), but that assumes I have any time to write these days.

- I love Homestuck's new act. Love love LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love the new SPOILER, especially because SPOILER is so hilarious when she's SPOILER, which is apparently all the time. I make happy flaily handmotions every time a new part turns up. I do not, however, love Homestuck's fandom, so I'm contenting myself with looking for pretty pretty pictures on Tumblr.

- On the off chance I didn't mention this already, I was really impressed with the recent Marvel movies and I'm looking forward to the big Avengers thing.

- There was something else, but obviously it wasn't important, because I forgot.

[fic] any means necessary

fandom: Harry Potter
disclaimer: not mine, yadda yadda
rating: G
warnings: uhhh, spoilers for DH, but I think just for the book? :/
summary: When given a choice, Slytherins would sensibly choose to save their own necks. Except, of course, when they decided to do something spectacularly stupid instead.
notes: The very first HP fic I wrote was some crappy thing about Slytherins, so somehow another crappy thing about Slytherins seems like a good bookend? Also this is lolshort.

The first time Tracey Davis and Daphne Greengrass ever fought, it was over who would get to ask Blaise Zabini to the Yule Ball.Collapse )

suddenly, wizards

Saw DH2. It was lovely and shiny and perfect, and now I want to write a bazillion HP fics even though omg that's a terrible idea.

and here"s some random things I just REALLY REALLY likedCollapse )

In conclusion, EEEEEEEEEEEE :D

blendermeme (very very specific edition)

Give me a fandom I'm passingly familiar with and I'll awkwardly fuse it with Star Wars.

Or if you want something based on a SW fic I already wrote or something, that's cool too.

(I just realized I had ANH on my hard drive. Shut up.)

obligatory "meeeeh" X-Men review

Finally got around to seeing the new X-Men movie. And. Um. Well. I"m not thrilled with it.Collapse )

Next up, Captain America. And possibly Green Lantern. Whenever they come out.

three things

First: What the fuck, weather. Where the fuck did that storm system come from. WHAT IS THIS SHIT. D: D:

Second: Don't care about rich people getting married to other rich people. Sorry, I just don't. Everyone else seems to be enjoying it though, so carry on!

Third: The new HP trailer is fantastic and shiny. Fandom probably thinks otherwise, so I'll be ignoring fandom.

Fourth HA I LIED: I have like an unexpected amount of free time coming up, so possibly I will try to write something! Or, you know, just ask for crossover requests like I always do every six months.



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